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What items need to be kept when moving
Whether it's the people who move the company, or consumers, they should strive to make this behavior a pleasant experience. In the meantime, the most important thing is that some items need to be kept by the customer, otherwise, once they are wrong or wrong Ge, will cause the relocation company employees to leave. Affected, causing some inconvenience to customers. So, what items need to be kept by customers when moving?

Is the most important, of course, precious metals such as cash, gold and silver, jewelry, art, computer data, bank cards, credit cards, wallets, IDs, keys, paper documents, etc.!
Why are these project requirements kept by customers? Does this mean that moving the company is unprofessional? First of all, the customer needs to be retained, not because the moving company is unprofessional, but because of who I am. These projects are very important to the client. The relocation does not want to make any mistakes. It is best for the client to take his valuable assets The choices are the best for moving companies and customers.
These valuable items require customers to use their own custody. It is not explained that the moving company is not professional. On the contrary, this reminder is a performance of the professional moving company. It also proves that the moving company is always considered by CU. Chewing gum, valuable items that are unwilling to customers, important information, ID cards, bank cards, various keys, and other important items that have been lost, lose the state of mind, which has improved the sexual movement process to a certain extent!