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Service Hotline: 021-62918188
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The move company's choice to be cautious is harmless
Moving companies regularly and carefully select and relocate companies and improve their ability to respond to sudden changes. In other words, the improvement of coping ability is the improvement of the company's strength. Of course, it is not limited to the field of moving. Movements related to logistics and freight can be developed accordingly. It can make full use of the company's equipment and effectively increase its flexibility.

Maybe as a manager, you have a better way to manage a moving company, but our goal is to unify, which is to provide a reliable and quality moving service for the family. With the development of cities and the improvement of people's living standards, large and small moving companies have established themselves. Nice guy and? ? The bad guys are very confused when moving. Most of the moving companies are just moving companies selling vinegar, no vehicles and office addresses, no porters have been trained, and rarely have written agreements with customers, resulting in reduced service quality and consumption. Ions are easy to argue with.
Many moving companies do not sign contracts with customers, workers load and unload goods, and currency is a one-time transaction. In the case of damage or loss, most customers only admit that it is unlucky. It is understood that some moving companies are also "hands-on" prices. In the past, the price was good. The company moved half of the site and said that there is a car. You need a car. You have to add money. Some workers have tips for various reasons during the move.
Although these moving companies do not have to move, they can still find life. After all, they are friends because some people blindly believe in street advertising, believe in the "black mediation" remarks of moving, or they are cheap, and the results are often stupid. At this stage of marketization, relevant departments should raise the barriers to entry, formulate relevant regulations, and regulate market order.