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Shanghai moving company teaches you some shipping knowledge
Everyone in daily life can encounter the need to consign, so when we need to consign items, what common knowledge should we pay attention to? Today the Shanghai moving company came to share some common knowledge about consignment.
Train consignment order:
(1) After inspecting the goods at the inspection office and confirming that the goods meet the transportation requirements, the inspector will issue a consignment note with a name stamp to the shipper;
(2) Effectively fill in the consignment note, fill in the details such as the product name, number of pieces, arrival station, consignor, consignee, etc., and go to the packing place according to the packaging standards of the goods;
(3) Hold the completed consignment note to the weighing department to check the overweight, and the weighing officer will fill the consignment note with the red and blue pencils on the consignment note and stamp the name of the person;
(4) Hold the consignment note at the ticket making window, pay the freight, and get the green delivery coupon and the white reimbursement coupon.
Air consignment attention matters:
(1) The shipper should fill in the consignment letter, carry his identity card or other valid documents to the airline to handle the consignment procedures, and issue a unit introduction letter if necessary;
(2) The shipper shall assume the contents of the consignment letter of the filled goods and the authenticity and validity of the materials provided;
(3) For goods that have different transportation conditions or cannot be transported together due to the nature of the goods, the shipper shall identify and complete the cargo consignment letter.
The above are some common knowledge we should know when consignment by train and air consignment, I hope to help you! Thank you.