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Shanghai moving company teaches you the process of choosing a moving company
With the improvement of living standards, many friends choose to move companies to complete when moving. So what are the processes when choosing a moving company to complete the move? Today the Shanghai moving company came to share the moving process with everyone.
I. Resident moving process
1. Telephone acceptance service (door-to-door valuation in extraordinary scenarios).
2. Sign the contract after approval. Consumer rights.
3. On the day of transportation, the car will be delivered on time at the request of the customer. Each car will be equipped with blankets, ropes, etc. for safe and proper removal.
4. Reach the unloading point and place the large pieces of furniture in accordance with the request.
5. It is determined that the relocation is completed without damage, and the customer completes the feedback form and pays.
Second, the process of moving commercial buildings, enterprises and institutions
1. Send salespersons to your company for inspection and negotiation free of charge, and provide effective quotations.
2. Sign the contract after approval, your company's rights.
3. Supply cartons and packing equivalent labor upon request.
4. On-site dispatching on the day of removal, your company will be relocated smoothly.
5. It is determined that the relocation is completed without payment of damage.
The above are some suggestions for the moving process of Shanghai moving company for home moving and enterprise and institution moving. I hope to help everyone!