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Service Hotline: 021-62918188
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How does a unique moving company serve everyone [2019-07-04]
We all know that there are two types of charging methods in the market, the dry price of the whole car package and the charge according to individual items. Someone who knows more about this [detailed]
Have you learned the tips about moving furniture [2019-06-27]
Rosewood furniture is made of precious wood. Generally, rosewood furniture is heavy and brittle. Different items have different moving methods. Here are a few suggestions for the precautions of handling mahogany furniture: first pull out the items in the drawer, and then use the tape to draw each drawer [detailed]
Can the refrigerator be turned on directly after moving? [2019-06-20]
Relocation is the major event and main task of relocating a new home. The most important thing is how to transfer home appliances. In the meantime, how to transfer refrigerators has become the top priority for us to think about. Then, we are all curious about refrigerators. How long will it take after relocation [detailed]
Winter maintenance methods for moving home vans [2019-04-25]
Some soft-painted vans may also cause fine scratches on the car body during high-speed travel. Regarding this type of car, it can be used to seal the car body. It can form a sturdy maintenance film in the form of a net, and improve the hardness of the paint surface. The effect can be [detailed]
How to choose a moving company with fewer moving items [2019-04-18]
When there are fewer items to be relocated, each customer is required to carefully analyze the types of items that require detailed relocation costs. If it is only required to use the relocation company to complete the transfer of large items, the demand should be negotiated with the relocation company in advance, and the relocation company can be negotiated [detailed]
What are the fees for moving companies [2019-03-28]
Many post-90s young people inject fresh blood into such cities and invent new life. And young people who have just begun their struggles will not be able to obtain much benefit in the city, nor will they be able to achieve a better living environment. And each promotion will mean living environment [detailed]
What are the tips for making an appointment to move the company before moving? [2019-03-27]
Many people are in a hurry to relocate. Many key points are not clear when they are scheduled to relocate the company by phone. As a result, the relocating vehicle cannot find the address on time, and there are complaints on both sides. So how do we schedule the relocation when we move? Phone call [detailed]
Are you particular about moving during the Spring Festival [2019-03-26]
The date of relocation is very special. We said that in the behavior of Feng Shui, we usually pay attention to the date of relocation and choose to move around before and after the New Year. Activities [detailed]
What are the fees for moving companies [2019-03-25]
The moving company in China has always been called "Golden Nine, Silver and Ten". Because September is the mid-autumn time, and the climate is cool and boring, many people will choose to carry out activities such as buying a house, marrying and decorating at this moment, regardless of the climate is still the moment. Better in one year [detailed]
How to make an international long-distance move [2019-03-23]
What are the differences between world relocation and domestic relocation? The world relocation is a relatively dangerous type of relocation. The world relocation needs consider the exit license of the article. The world relocation needs meet the relevant regulations and laws of the world for the entry and exit of the goods. It requires a professional world .
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