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Service Hotline: 021-62918188
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What are the tips for making an appointment before moving?
Many people are in a hurry to relocate. Many key points are not clear when they are scheduled to relocate the company by phone. As a result, the relocating vehicle cannot find the address on time, and there are complaints on both sides. So how do we schedule the relocation when we move? When calling the relocation company, what are the key points?

Relocation floor: If your home has elevators on several floors, this should be said well in advance, and it has a lot to do with the relocation cost. If the floors are relatively high and there is no elevator, each floor will require additional charges and additional charges will be charged for floors above 7 The cost is higher. Inform the number and size of the furniture to be moved, such as the standards of household appliances, so as to facilitate the correct evaluation of the moving company and organize the appropriate vehicles and manpower.
Need to confirm whether the furniture needs to be hoisted, so that the relocation company should make adequate preparations. Different materials are used to pack different materials. Corrugated paper, air cushion films, and blankets are generally used. These relocation companies will prepare you in advance. You must Say good in advance. In addition, if you have any valuables or are not easy to transfer, and you need special transfer equipment, you must say well in advance. If you have a safe at home, you usually use lifting equipment.
In the end, focus on it. It is best to fill out the relocation contract when you plan to relocate the company to avoid unnecessary conflicts. Of course, it is best to choose a good day to move, and it is necessary to make an early reservation. The company's affairs are still busy on the day of the eclipse.