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Winter maintenance methods for moving vans
Some soft-painted vans may also cause fine scratches on the car body during high-speed travel. With regard to this type of car, it can be used to seal the car body. It can form a network-like strong maintenance film, improve the hardness of the paint surface, and the effect can last for about one year. The coating can also achieve similar effects.

The bottom of the vehicle can be armored or sealed. This can maintain the chassis's resistance to acid rain and corrosion, prevent the original maintenance layer from cracking and falling, and avoid the collision of small stones on the side. When a van is exposed to rain and snow, sludge is simply accumulated in the open space at the bottom of the body and in the floor of the car. If it is not cleaned in time, this will allow moisture to hide. Therefore, regarding the inner and outer edges of the wheel hub, the bottom corners of the door, the trunk, the keyhole of the door, and the movable part of the wiper frame.
Always check, keep clearing the drainage holes of the door and the body parts, check the humidity of the cover in the car, such as carpets, and avoid rusting of the floor components. If the box truck is not very rusty, you can first use a very fine water sandpaper dipped in water to quietly grind the rust spots. After thoroughly cleaning, apply a primer.
Do not park your vehicle outdoors or put on your clothing in windy weather, because the inner layer of the clothing will repeatedly apply paint, especially if wind and sand blow into the clothing, many fine strokes will be drawn on the body. The marks, as time goes on, will also make the paint hair black. In the future, do not use sand or rags to directly clean the sand particles on the car body. Instead, wash them with water. The same is to avoid the sand on the sand and rags from scratching the painted surface. Treat with toothpaste. If there are new small scars, you can use toothpaste to paint a circle like a scratch.