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Can the refrigerator be turned on directly after moving?
Relocation is the major event and main task of relocating a new home. The most important thing is how to transfer home appliances. In the meantime, how to transfer refrigerators has become the top priority for us to think about. Then, we are all curious about refrigerators. How long will it take to start up after the move? We need to know that a refrigerator is different from a TV. If you were to suspend the transfer of the TV, you only need to plug in the power after you move to your new home, and the TV can be viewed before.

Today's TVs are relatively frivolous and not stupid. They are different from previous TVs, and they are also very adaptable to the environment. Therefore, in the home, similar to TVs, computers, etc., they will not be affected by the environment. Too much influence, and the refrigerator is different because it contains a lot of Freon substances and the fact that the refrigerator itself is relatively heavy. If the refrigerator is not properly transferred, or if it is opened immediately after the transfer, it may cause damage to machine components. And unnecessary loss.
Therefore, we must control a reasonable refrigerator transfer method and know when it is turned on. Generally speaking, how long can the refrigerator be turned on after it is relocated? We need to wait more than three hours before it can be placed stably and turned on. This is because there is a compactor at the bottom of the refrigerator, and there is a lot of grease in the compactor. This layer Grease is not our lubricating oil, but refrigeration oil. Maybe many people do n’t know much about various refrigeration oils, but in fact it is the most important part of the refrigerator. Why we may burn it after turning it on immediately after the transfer. A bad compactor has a destructive effect on the refrigerating oil inside, so we should suspend the startup for a while.
Another thing to keep in mind is that in addition to being unable to turn on immediately after the refrigerator has been moved for a long time, it is necessary to stop the power supply for a period of time to be able to prevent the food from changing, because the Freon in the refrigerator needs to be able to adapt to the new environment. What's more, after we have been out of power for so long, the cooling function inside may be partially damaged, so we need to turn on the power for a while to allow Freon to recover from the beginning. We can only put food and freeze food normally. The refrigerator is also very good, which is conducive to extending the life of the refrigerator.