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Have you learned the tips about moving furniture?
Rosewood furniture is made of precious wood. Generally, rosewood furniture is heavy and brittle. Different items have different moving methods. Here are some suggestions on the handling precautions of mahogany furniture: first pull out the items in the drawer, and then stick each drawer with tape. It is very convenient to carry.

Water pots and pots are filled with plenty of water the day before. In order to prevent loss of soil and mud, first wrap the pots in newspapers and put them in a thick cardboard box. Cover them with paper. Tie the sticks strong with a wooden stick, and then put them into the carton with better strength. 17. Seven books, magazines, books are bundled in a cross shape, and the place where changes are moved is protected by thick paper.
Tableware and tableware are first wrapped in paper stacks, placed in cardboard boxes at equal levels, and 4-5 forks and spoons tied together. It is convenient to put your personal belongings such as bedclothes and bath products in the trunk. Valuables such as cash, valuables, and books must be taken care of.
Bottles are first packed into plastic bags, rolled up with newspapers and packed into cartons, and then the cartons are tied in a cross shape, and tied in knots. The clothes put the obscene clothes on the bottom layer, and half of the suits are stacked in the box. Simple wet clothes, fur coats and other clothes can be placed in the tea box to prevent moisture. In order to let the carrier know that there is a mirror, the mirror must be breaded with a clear foam cloth, and the cosmetic paper must be wrapped in plastic bags.
The table is first protected with thick paper tape with four tape corners, and then wrapped with a rope to prevent damage. The pans are first wrapped in large packages, wrapped in newspaper. Cross the pot with a rope through the pot. 19. The blade should be breaded with thick paper skin first, and then sticky and strong with adhesive tape. Chair: You cannot move the armrest when you move the chair. It is necessary to move the chair surface, because the tenon of the armrest is the smallest, and it cannot bear the weight of the entire chair.
Cabinet: When moving the cabinet, it is necessary to lock the door pin and lock the drawer. It is best to "encircle" the rope first and bind it twice to protect the cabinet door and drawer of the furniture and prevent it from being tilted during transportation. Out and broken. The person carrying the cabinet should stand on both ends of it. One person moves the top of the cabinet, and the other person lifts the foot of the cabinet to tilt the cabinet at an angle of 45 ° to the ground. This saves effort, facilitates passage, and is relatively safe.