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Service Hotline: 021-62918188
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How a unique moving company serves everyone
We all know that there are two types of charging methods in the market, the dry package price of the whole vehicle and the charge according to individual items. Both methods have good and bad. Take the simplest dry package price, if it is the moving price This method is obviously very cost-effective for those who know better, but for those who do n’t know, it will definitely be pitted. In contrast to the method of billing according to items, although it will not be pitted (informal enterprises are found outside), there is a way to do it, and some free projects will not even tell you.

What are the fees for moving companies that are free of charge? Specifically, due to different urban consumption levels in each region, prices are often different, so the specific prices are not listed here, just for us Which items.
There will always be some immeasurable changes in the service price of the car. You must know the pressure of the current race. Maybe if you say something good today, it will change tomorrow. So moving companies generally charge this fee, but this The cost can actually be avoided. In specific cases, it is necessary to communicate with the other party in advance and request that this collaboration be revoked. Naturally, the other party will not charge this part of the cost.
The distance fee from the corridor to the vehicle, many friends who have moved home know that many communities do not allow trucks to enter, and then many companies will charge a distance fee from the corridor to the vehicle, but it ’s important to note that this is a free distance In general, it is free of charge within ten meters.
Some friends think that this part of the city is charged for the transportation fee, but here we can tell us that the first part is indeed charged, but there are always exceptions to everything. Generally speaking, it includes free of charge. Kilometers will be billed if they exceed the limit. Many friends do not understand this and the moving company will charge this amount.
For small items, in many cases, some smaller and lighter items will not be charged, but this depends on different companies. The specific situation is also different, but before moving, we must ask at least how this cost is calculated.