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Service Hotline: 021-62918188
Address: All districts in the city have branches (with parking lot)

Specifically, what are the fees for the moving company?
Moving car coaching to find the strength of the moving company must "shop around three", find a few more moving companies to deduct the value of comparison, it may be advisable to bargain with the moving company when making an inquiry. An individual moving company is one-fourth expensive. If you just want to save money, you can only choose an individual moving site. However, the quality of the service is difficult to obtain.
Therefore, it is not necessary to be too impressed with the service. This needs to be measured by yourself. The moving company on the right road is more calming, and individual moving companies can save money. The company also "agents" together? Need to explain is that decoration companies to assist in moving will be very troublesome. Primarily rare decoration companies have such projects, there is no standard how much they charge. Even if the owner and the decoration company contact better.
The decoration company is willing to help, and it is difficult to control the risks. After all, the decoration worker is not a porter, and if there is a mistake, the responsibility is difficult to define. Moreover, most of the decoration company's cars are small vehicles, which can't hold large things. Otherwise, don't let the decoration company carry this pot.
What are the fees for moving companies that are free of charge? Specifically, due to the different levels of urban consumption in each region, prices are often different, so the specific prices are not listed here, just for us Which items, the handling of small items, in many cases, some smaller and lighter items will not be charged, but this depends on the different companies.