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A general relocation company will choose a truck for the transfer. Such a transfer is a one-time transfer for the relocation company. It does not need to be transported several times, and it saves a lot of manpower in time. But no matter how much is loaded in the truck or not, the charges are the same, and you will not be charged less because there are not many items stored in the truck space.

Therefore, this time is the small pieces relocation company, and they provide you with a transportation tool that is suitable for the removal of small items --- vans. For young people in general, there will not be too many large objects in rented rooms. There are very few large furniture such as televisions and refrigerators. There are only small furniture such as personal belongings and computers.

Labor costs. Large relocation companies will have various labor costs, including corridor transportation costs, packaging costs, transfer costs, etc., various terms are innumerable, but these small labor costs have been simplified in small pieces of relocation, as long as the transportation costs , Such as packaging costs, corridor transportation, etc. can be ignored, it is first and foremost to charge customers a certain transfer fee, which is also the original basis of the relocation company charges.

It is also their way of making money. Relocation company charges are the most basic relocation charge specifications, relocation fares, labor costs. Of course, even the basic charges are much more cost-effective for large-scale relocation. Using a van on the relocation vehicle reduces labor and other costs.