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Starting fee
Model Start fee
One ton car 168 yuan / car (with 2 porters)
Two ton car 268 yuan / car (with 3 porters)
Three ton car 368 yuan / car (with 4 porters)
Four ton car 468 yuan / car (with 5 porters)
Five ton car 568 yuan / car (with 5 porters)
Note: 1. The above price is one-way handling per train for the actual transportation distance within ten kilometers (inclusive).
2. In order to improve efficiency, each car group is not less than the required number of porters, and each car has an urban pass (9 am-16 pm).

Additional fee
Floor fee Floor fee 25 / floor. Charge for 2 floors with elevator
Loading and unloading fees on the way 100 yuan for each additional loading and unloading location
Furniture board handling fee The furniture board disassembled by the customer will be charged an additional 200 yuan per trip. (This clause is limited to company relocation business)
Over kilometer fee After the actual distance between the moving out and moving in places exceeds ten kilometers, an additional 10 yuan will be charged for each one kilometer
Flat handling distance fee When the manual plane handling distance is more than 20 meters, an additional 100 yuan will be charged for each trip over 10 meters.
Evening service fee After 17:00, 30% of the total cost will be charged for each train.
Delayed working hours Due to customer reasons, the work car can't work after being put in place, and the work is delayed. An additional 80 yuan per hour
Air toll After the vehicle is in place, the customer will charge 100 yuan for each trip when canceling the use of the vehicle
Labor cost 80 yuan / person / hour

Valuables fee
For models below 120 (inclusive), an additional fee of 300 yuan
For models over 120, the additional fee is 350 yuan.
When the model is 125 or more, the additional fee is 400 yuan.
When the model is 130 or more, the additional fee is 450 yuan
Grand piano additional fee 1500-2000 yuan
Piano floor fee: 100 yuan each for moving out and 2-3 floors, 500 yuan each for 4-6 floors
other Large copiers, safes, big fish tanks, big mirrors, fitness equipment, TVs larger than 32 inches (inclusive), drum washing machines, refrigerators of 200 liters (inclusive) or more are charged 50-200 yuan each

Carton fee
General information box: size 55cm long, 35 cm wide, 40 cm high 12 yuan / each
Export-specific information box: 60cm in length, 40cm in width, 40cm in height 14 yuan / each
Computer case: size 48cm in length, 48cm in width, 36 cm in height 15 yuan / each
Hanging case: size 50cm long, 50 cm wide, 120 cm high 70 yuan / each
Note: 1. Special delivery carton charges 30-160 yuan each time
2. Rental of plastic turnover boxes for office relocation

Furniture disassembly costs
Two-door cabinet 100 yuan / piece
Three-door cabinet 150 yuan / each
Four-door cabinet 200 yuan / piece
Dressing table, bed 50-150 yuan / piece
Disassembly office partition 50-150 yuan / piece
Disassembly and assembly board, conference table 50-150 yuan / each
Sliding door 200 yuan, more than 2 meters in length

Long-distance transportation fee
Jinbei car 7 yuan / km
2 ton truck 10 yuan / km
3 ton truck 10 yuan / km
Note: The above prices are the one-way transportation charges per train; the above prices are subject to change according to actual conditions.

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